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Apptile X Nosto Partnership: Power Of Mobile App Personalisation

The e-commerce world is moving at lightning speed, and mobile shopping is leading the charge! It’s the perfect time for e-commerce brands to showcase their products on the go, but there’s a secret weapon to turn window shoppers into loyal fans: Personalisation.  

Did you know? A staggering 77% of consumers have chosen a brand simply because they offered a personalised experience! That’s where Apptile and Nosto partnership comes in. To help brands infuse their mobile apps with personality, creating fully personalised journeys that leave customers beaming with satisfaction and loyalty.

Imagine this: you open your favourite store’s app and VOILA! You’re greeted with products you might actually want to buy, not a generic list of items. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Nosto uses cutting-edge customer, product, and content intelligence to personalise the shopping journey for each customer. Imagine customer delight when they see product recommendations that feel like they were pulled straight from their own shopping wishlist, purchase history, or unique customer profile!

Apptile’s partnership with Nosto is here to ensure ecommerce brands transform their apps into personalised engagement channels, driving conversions by showing customers exactly what they want to see.

The Apptile & Nosto Partnership

Together, Apptile and Nosto bring the change mobile commerce has been waiting for! Here’s how they’ll transform your app:

Nosto products that integrate seamlessly with Apptile

How to get started with Nosto

Let’s work together to make mobile app shopping a seamless and intuitive experience for buyers! Book a demo to learn more.