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Introducing Live Selling for Shopify: Boost Sales and Connect with Customers in Real-Time

“When I decided to transition from another platform to Shopify, I was concerned about the complexities and the potential disruption for my customers. Apptile turned this challenge into a seamless upgrade. My users didn’t even need to reinstall our mobile app—everything they needed came through as just an update!”Jenna, Owner of Soulful Bling Boutique

At Apptile, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. This feedback from Soulful Bling Boutique perfectly sums up what we aimed for when developing our Live Selling solution: a simple yet sophisticated solution that enhances user experience.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our Live Selling solution, designed to empower businesses to connect with their customers in a more engaging and interactive way.

The addition of live selling capabilities furthers our mission to empower businesses of all sizes to create mobile app experiences that drive customer loyalty. We listen closely to the needs and challenges faced by our clients, and it is through these conversations that we identified a significant opportunity to improve the way brands connect with their audience. 

We have been building our video commerce stack with select customers. The feature is now generally available as an add-on. Here is what is included:

  1. Easy live selling on multiple platforms: Go live on your app and social media at the same time.
  2. Turn videos into shopping experiences: Make it easy for customers to buy from your live videos.
  3. Simple pricing that saves you money: Enjoy live selling without high fees.

Introducing Live Selling for Shopify Stores

We’ve been working hard to upgrade your live selling experience with Apptile. Now, you can launch live shopping events from a single device and broadcast it simultaneously to your app and all your social channels. It’s perfect for fashion boutiques like yours! We’ve packed this new experience with delightful features for creators, moderators, and shoppers. Plus, our best-in-class no-code platform ensures that you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Why Live Selling Matters

Live selling has rapidly grown from just a trend in China to a global phenomenon, particularly in Southeast Asia and the USA. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2026, livestream e-commerce sales in the United States alone would reach USD 55 billion. If you’re an innovative brand in the States, you’ve likely already tasted the success of live selling on social media, despite challenges like managing orders and video lag. Well, that’s where Apptile comes in – we’re here to refine and enhance this experience for you.

Simplified Live Selling

With Apptile, you can deliver a seamless live shopping experience to your loyal fans on your mobile app while engaging and selling to new fans on social channels at the same time.  Live selling becomes easy and efficient.

Stream and Manage Across Platforms

As the host, you’ll have the power to manage comments from all platforms (app and social channels) without leaving the live stream. You can also showcase multiple products in the same stream. Your moderator too gets powerful features to manage the event, and can ensure that your live sessions are running smoothly.

Seamless In-App Shopping

During a live session, your app users will experience seamless shopping where they can add products to cart and check out effortlessly—all powered by your Shopify store. On social channels, customers can simply use chat to purchase. 

From Live Selling to Shoppable Content

Extend the life of your live selling videos by converting them into shoppable videos. Publish these videos to your app, enabling anyone to shop at their convenience.

Affordable, Flat-Rate Pricing

At Apptile, we do not punish you for succeeding. We do not charge commission on sales, all pricing plans are a flat monthly subscription fee. Our flat fee pricing model is ideal for brands of all sizes, especially growing boutiques. Avoid hefty commissions and save money while providing a great experience to your loyal customers and social fans alike.

Quick Setup with No-Code Platform

If you already have an app on the Apptile platform, you can start live selling in minutes. If not, we’ll help you launch an app quickly and host your first live experience. Our no-code approach and outstanding customer support make setting up fast and easy. 

Creative Live Stream Ideas

Depending on your brand and audience, you can opt for the tried-and-tested showcase-style live sessions or experiment with new and innovative formats.

Transform Your E-Commerce Strategy with Apptile

As we launch our Live Selling solution, we are excited to witness how brands will leverage this transformative tool to redefine their e-commerce strategies and elevate customer interactions. Live selling is not just a passing trend; it is rapidly becoming the new standard for online retail.

We invite you to explore the incredible potential of Apptile’s Live Selling solution and discover how it can revolutionize your e-commerce journey.

The possibilities are endless! Talk to us today to start transforming your live selling experience with Apptile.