Kerala, India
Grocery & Food Delivery
Revamp app design and functionality to increase user engagement, downloads, and sales
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Adukkala's App Revamp: Spicing Up Sales and Customer Experience

Story Summary: By partnering with Apptile, Adukkala successfully revamped their grocery shopping app, resulting in a significant increase in user engagement and downloads.

Adukkala: Your Kerala Grocery Hub

Offering authentic Kerala groceries, Adukkala connects customers to the region's traditional snacks and pickles, ensuring quality and taste directly from local sources.

Seeking App Revitalization

Adukkala's app was falling short in delivering an optimal user experience due to inadequate design and functionality, hindering engagement and sales. The brand aimed to overhaul these critical aspects to foster a more intuitive and functional mobile shopping environment, thereby increasing downloads and enhancing customer satisfaction through improved app interactions.

Tailored Design and Swift Launch

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Apptile provided a platform for Adukkala to redesign their app, focusing on user-friendly design and improved functionality. The process included a custom theme that aligned with Adukkala's brand identity, real-time synchronization with their online store, and enhancements aimed at increasing user engagement and transactions through the mobile app. This approach facilitated a seamless transition and aimed to elevate Adukkala's mobile commerce capabilities.

User-friendly Design
Enhanced functionality
Increased downloads
Boosted sales

User-Centric Design and Enhanced Functionality:

The updated app now features an intuitive design, streamlined navigation, and real-time product updates, alongside promotional notifications and exclusive discounts, improving the overall shopping experience for users.

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