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First mobile app
Menu page of Sweet Freedom's mobile app for logged-out users.
Homepage of Sweet Freedom's app displaying best-selling natural syrups and spreads.
Sweet Freedom's VIP programme on their mobile app with a fun bear mascot.
Product detail page for Sweet Freedom's CHOC SHOT Brownie syrup in the mobile app.
Trending collections section in Sweet Freedom's app, featuring chocolate spreads and syrups.
Shopping cart in Sweet Freedom's app featuring two products and a sticky navigation menu at the bottom.
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Sweet Freedom, an all-natural spreads and syrups brand, developed their first mobile app using Apptile platform. Their objective: to tap into their growing mobile-first user base. Today, we revisit their 100-hour journey.

Sweet Freedom: Always sweet, always natural

In the United Kingdom, Tina and Deborah founded Sweet Freedom with a simple goal: to offer 100%-natural spreads and syrups. Their products are inspired from the goodness of nature and offer a healthier alternative to traditional sweet treats. The brand is an upcoming star that resonates with today’s health-conscious consumers.

The goal: Engage their growing mobile-savvy consumers

Nadine Maggi, Managing Director at Sweet Freedom, observed that over 75% of their website visitors were using mobile devices. She recognized that an app can enhance customer experience and improve business. Mobile apps allow brands to nurture a loyal customer base, thereby reducing CAC (cost of acquisition) and increasing revenue overtime.

Live in less than 100 hours

Fast launch
Free-to-use plan
Self-serve app builder

Nadine wanted to start small—try an app for her audience with minimum capital, time and effort. Apptile offered a free-to-use core plan and an intuitive platform where she designed the app without needing any technical skills. With hands-on launch guidance from the Apptile team, Sweet Freedom brought their app to market in just four days.

Top-notch customer support
User-friendly platform

Pushing boundaries with push notifications

Over time, Nadine and team have experimented with multiple push notification campaigns, creating them easily with Apptile’s 3-Step Campaign Builder. This included campaigns for Black Friday, Christmas, new product launches and back-in-stock notifications.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nadine and her team. Apptile’s technology is built for quick app launches but it truly shines when both teams collaborate seamlessly. The Sweet Freedom crew was quick to respond and finalise the app's scope and design. This will be my top tip for any brand looking for a rapid launch with Apptile.

Saif Sadiq, Head of Product Marketing and Growth at Apptile

Sweet Freedom’s app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This story celebrates new-age brands responding to customer needs and offering them a world-class shopping experience to match their amazing products.

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