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First mobile app
New Arrivals banner on Goodwin Smith's Shopify app showcasing a couple in summer footwear.
Menu screen of Goodwin Smith's Shopify app displaying men's collection, women’s collection and more. Includes slippers, sandals, heels, etc.
Goodwin Smith's app collections page with featured categories for men and women, trending, and kids.
Checkout screen on Goodwin Smith's Shopify app with a selection of men's shoes ready for purchase. Includes quantity selector for all items.
Detail page for Goodwin Smith's men's Colt dark tan boot, showing size selection, price savings and add to cart option.
Payment options screen in Goodwin Smith's Shopify app offering PayPal and Apple Pay for a seamless checkout.
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Joining forces with Apptile, GS swiftly delivered a superior app experience to its loyal customers. Post launch, Caroline Smith has used the intuitive platform for months—managing the app without any assistance. 

Meet Goodwin Smith, creators of timeless luxury footwear

Goodwin Smith has been synonymous with high-quality British footwear since 1928. Founded by Ernie and Walter, the brand embodies their “work hard, play hard” ethos, ensuring each pair seamlessly transitions from office to social settings. GS leather shoes are crafted with painstaking attention to detail and can take up to a month to get manufactured.

The Goal: Upgrade from mobile web to a sophisticated app

Caroline Smith from GS team aimed to elevate the digital experience for their loyal customers beyond the limitations of mobile websites. She decided that a bespoke mobile app, their first, would align better with their commitment to luxury and quality.

The Solution: A platform designed for speed and customization

Custom theme
Launch assistance

A dedicated team of experts designed and launched Goodwin Smith's mobile app in just five days. Apptile platform allows for quick creation of custom themes to launch an on-brand app. In this case, one was created to strictly adhere to the GS guidelines. The platform also enables easy testing and app submissions for both Android and iOS stores.

The Goodwin Smith app experience

Wishlist: Unlike the website, the app allows customers to bookmark their favourite items, edit this list or move items to checkout flow with a single tap. 

Quick Add to Cart: A feature that lets customers add products to cart—and select variations like size and colour—directly from the product card. This ensures uninterrupted browsing and shopping.  

Savings badge: Goodbye mental math, hello quick purchase decisions! Customers love discounts, this feature explicitly displays the savings % next to the old and new price of an item.

The app for Goodwin Smith was one of the earliest to be launched on Apptile. So, it was extra special for our team to see how the platform delivered on their expectations. GS team is the OG power user for us; observing their pre-and-post-launch interactions shaped the platform for other brands.

Ankit Purohit, Head of Product and Growth at Apptile

After the app’s launch, Caroline and Tim from GS have maintained the app independently, utilising the intuitive platform that requires no technical experience. They also set up multiple behaviour-based push notifications using the 3-step campaign builder. For any issues and queries, they enjoy the support of our swift customer service, available on chat, email and video calls.

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