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Goodwin Smith Steps into the Future with Apptile

Goodwin Smith, established in 1928, specializes in crafting luxury men's footwear. Infusing traditional British style with contemporary design twists, they provide timeless shoes that exude sophistication.
United Kingdom


Despite a history of loyal customers, Goodwin Smith faced a challenge. The mobile website wasn't delivering the unique and premium experience their devoted shoppers deserved. They recognized the potential of an app to enhance conversions, retention, and order frequency. Their primary motivation? Living up to their motto: treating every customer like the only customer.


In collaboration with Apptile, Goodwin Smith embarked on creating a native mobile app. Apptile's rapid app development prowess brought their vision to life efficiently. The app, powered by Apptile's robust platform, offered personalized shopping that resonated with Goodwin Smith's ethos. Intuitive features guided users, emphasizing their unique treatment of customers.

Furthermore, Apptile’s 24x7 customer support resonated perfectly with Goodwin Smith's customer-centric approach, guaranteeing swift resolutions to any concerns. This synergy between Apptile's technical excellence and Goodwin Smith’s commitment to premium service resulted in a mobile application that stood head and shoulders above a mere mobile website.

Goodwin Smith's journey showcases how Apptile transforms brand experiences. With Apptile, you can pioneer personalized excellence, seamlessly merge design and function, and offer unparalleled customer support. Elevate your brand's future in the digital realm.

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