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Pet Republic aligned with tech-savvy customers with Apptile’s No-Code Mobile App Builder

With a decade serving more than 88,000 pets, Pet Republic is a premier pet supplier in Jakarta, Indonesia focused on pet health, education, and caregiver happiness.
Pet Care
Jakarta, Indonesia


Pet Republic was facing the challenge of aligning its traditional brick-and-mortar operations with the preferences of its tech-savvy customer demographic. As the pet industry undergoes continuous transformation, Pet Republic aims to find a streamlined new channel to interact with customers, customise their its service offerings, and elevate the quality of the customer journey.

Having previously attempted to build an app that fell short of expectations, Pet Republic was looking to find a partner to help build the Mobile app quickly and match the technical requirements.


Ta-da! That's where Apptile jumps in to save the day and proves to be the ideal solution for Pet Republic's unique requirements. 

Apptile’s robust platform empowered Pet Republic to develop and launch a customized mobile app swiftly. This app became a one-stop hub for customers to access services, schedule appointments and receive expert advice. The app's user-friendly interface and real-time updates fulfilled Pet Republic's objective of providing convenience and fostering customer loyalty. Pet Republic successfully transformed its business model, amplifying its reach and solidifying its position as a leader in the pet care industry.

Based on a prior experience of building an app that didn't quite meet the goal, Pet Republic's partnership with Apptile marked a transformative shift. The app's dynamic features, unique payment process, and integrated WhatsApp solution allowed Pet Republic to bridge the offline-online gap successfully. This elevated customer experience and empowered Pet Republic to stay ahead in the evolving pet industry.

“Superb Team ! Having your own apps never been so easy. Within just two short weeks, they had my app up and running smoothly. The process was incredibly easy, as the team handled most of the work. Apptile is easy to use. They do all the heavy lifting and build the app for you. So, if you're looking for a hassle-free app-building experience, Apptile has got you covered, and then some!”
- Team Pet Republic
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More Amazing Success Stories

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